Local Direct Freight

At BBL, when you entrust us with goods for delivery, we treat them as if they were our own. All packages are handled according to fragile content protocol, no matter what they contain. Our best-in-class sorting and distribution networks employ triple redundancies to ensure that even though we handle thousands of packages a day, each item is guaranteed to be routed to the correct destination.

International Freight

We live in a global economy, and various customs, duties, tariffs and local laws can pose significant challenges to the efficiency of your operations in the international marketplace. At BBL, our decades of experience in countries around the world means we can navigate these regulations effectively. The quoted price you receive for our services is the price you will pay; all customs fees, tariffs, duties and brokerage charges are included and itemized in your receipt. We have local partners on the ground to ensure your package gets to its destination safely, cost-effectively, and in a timely manner no matter how far it has to travel.

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